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The reviews of our services and their success stories speak for how much we value the work we do for you here at Kaily Connect. We look forward to creating powerful and positive networking solutions for your entity and adding your glowing review to our page. Read on!

We requested a Florida Church list for a project and received over 600 leads which boosted our marketing program way beyond our expectations.

 Maya V.

As a company that looks for employment for people with disabilities, I am constantly on the road. Kaily Connect’s prices are very reasonable. Their letter and email campaigns and their follow up is what we were looking for. Their program has freed us to meet more and more potential employers.

 Debbie T.

As a small cake decorating business, these guys really mean what they said when they told me, “We under promise and over deliver.” Their pricing is really reasonable, and they work with me on a weekly basis. Thank goodness they are willing to work with us.

 Jacqueline P.

We are a small grocery, and needed to boost traffic in our store. Marc came up with a direct marketing project that increased the traffic in the store by 28% in 3 weeks. And, Lena is a great designer.

 Willie K.

As a non-profit organization we are always in need of funding. Marc came up with a list of foundations in South Florida; they worked with us to get in front of some of them through a third party they recommended and we are now meeting with three foundations. Thanks to Marc for his constant involvement.

 Deborah K.

As a small restaurant in Ft Lauderdale we needed to increase our visibility. Kaily Connect helped us expand our reach through their direct marketing program targeting the consumer market, and business marketing targeting the business community. Our business has gone up by 15% in 2 months. Thank you guys.

 Ron S.

We needed a list of 300 companies to be scrubbed – get the names, addresses, emails, titles, decision makers names, etc… In less than 2 weeks Orion and Harris had the entire list done, and returned it to us color coded so we knew who were the A list, B list, and C list prospects to go over. Their help has cut our wasted time by 50%, and now we have enough excellent leads to after. Small company, but assertive and very focused.

 Sean P.
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