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We are working on all the answers you will need to have powerful and positive networking solutions!

In the meantime you can call us and we will answer your questions in person. 754.220.6053.


Outbound Calling

FREE initial consultation to determine your marketing and branding needs.

List Building

We help you start or grow your list specific to the variables you determine (area/geography, type of business, # of employees, etc). Once list is acquired, we “scrub” the list to refine it down to 3 categories:

Mailing & Design Services

graphic design for postcards or other items (business cards, brochures, etc). identify zip codes/target areas to send your marketing pieces

What can Kaily Connect do for your business?

Identify the Target Market

We start with the list. If you do not have a list we can get one for you and “scrub it” to ensure we are working with accurate data. The more we know about your target market, the more refined the list will be.

Connect with the Targeted Market

We work with you to create custom campaigns using letters, postcards, emails, and internet opportunities. These campaigns create awareness about you, your products, and your company without being intrusive.

Engage with the Targeted Market

With your input, we create custom scripts unique to your company that enhances your strategy,

Setting up Appointments

Our goal is to get you in front of as many appointments and potential clients as possible. We become an extension of your sales and marketing team.

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