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Email Marketing Strategy for Insurance Agents

December 04, 2019 / Category: Insurance Agents

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Our program is designed for agents who are looking to increase their sales exponentially.  It requires persistence, consistency, and the desire to work smarter.  We use this formula for ourselves.  By using a CRM a lot of the work can be automated, making it easier for you to increase your appointments, and close sales ratio.

We’ll tell you how we do it.  If you want to copy our system, go ahead, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, Charles C. Colton.  You wish for us to help you.  We’ll be glad to do so.

  1. You must have a CRM. If you don’t have one, get one. Customer Relation Manager Software. There is much software on the market and will make your life so much easier.

Make sure your CRM does the following:

  • Import from Excel and Export to Excel in XLSX, or CSV format.

Reason #1: Email marketing campaigns will want the data to be imported in XLSX format.

Reason #2: Email Scrubber will want the data to be imported in XLSX or CSV formats.

Reason #3: Phone DNC will want the data to be imported in CSV format.


  • Record history for each prospect:

Reason: While speaking to a prospect, you will have historical information about campaign(s) for that particular prospect when you speak to him/her.


  • Ability to segregate the by history, Names, Company, City, Zip, etc…

Reason: Based on how you wish to engage with your targeted market, you want the flexibility to use your data, and more (that is the basic).


Some stats to help you:


  • 79% of leads fail to convert without CRM (Pardot)
  • 65% boost in sales quotas is realized by businesses with CRM (Innopple Technologies)
  • 60% of the time, CRM is used for email marketing by small businesses (
  • 47% of the time, leads nurtured in a CRM system is converted (Annuitas Group)
  • 41% revenue increase is attained with CRM (Trackvia)

Today, agents must work smarter to find targeted prospects and win their trust.

  1. Email marketing campaigns. Email marketing campaigns are a great strategy to develop your lead list and engage your prospects.  How it is done makes all the difference in its effectiveness and results. To create a strong online identity, you must create a winning strategy with the right mix of proven email marketing strategies that work best.

Using Purchased Lists: Start by purchasing a list of local businesses you are interested in targeting.  The list(s) must include names, addresses, company name, contact person, phone numbers, and email addresses in your local market.  Make sure the list(s) can be imported in XLSX or CSV. Make sure to scrub your email addresses and offer an opt-in/opt-out.  Most email company providers have all this setup.

If the e-mail is returned, you can always call and set up an appointment or just go to their place of business. Look to do business with your neighbors, before venturing out of the area.

Be Consistent:  The key to successful and effective e-mail marketing is CONSISTENCY.  Remember, Rome was not built in a day, nor will your business.  Result-driven e-mail marketing is consistent and engaging.

Track your success: Track how successful your e-mail marketing campaigns are.  Check how many prospects you are converting into appointments, how many of those appointments have turned into clients as a result of your e-mail campaigns.

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Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition in the Financial Market

December 04, 2019 / Category: Insurance Agents

benefit/value sales training course

Today, customers seek personalization, and expertise in their advisors. Clients want to work with someone who works in their best interest, listens and understands their individual needs and able to guides them accordingly. Market yourself in a way that showcases your core abilities. Win your prospects’ trust and loyalty by not just meeting but surpassing their expectations, that’s what top consultants do.

Create your own brand:

An image that associates with a superior level of quality, credibility, and satisfaction in the prospect’s mind differentiates you from the competition. It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd unless you know the formula for success. That’s exactly what we’ll share with you in today’s post.

Your goal is to connect with your prospects and make them want to do business with you.  Think outside the box, offer creative solutions, provide new suggestions that will captivate their interests and keep them asking for more.

Successful advisors have one thing in common, they are focused. They have a clear vision, are motivated to achieve their goals, focus on the path needed to achieve their goals.

Having a clear vision prevents deviation. A good starting point is to define what area you will focus as an advisor.

Quality of Products and services

The Ritz-Carlton, Rolls-Royce, Nordstrom, Northern Trust; all have one common denominator.  Their products and or services are over the top when compared to their competition.  Not only the quality of your products and services must be superior to your competition, but the delivery of those products and services must be greater, as well.

Understand your audience and their expectations

Once you select your areas of focus, it’ll you will be able to define your targeted audiences, understand their pains and concerns. Once you have acquired the knowledge to answer their concerns, meet their expectations, you will become their trusted advisor, delivering to your customers what they want, meet their expectations and serve them with complete satisfaction, is the key to becoming a successful advisor.


Respond to your prospect’s concerns? 

  • What assistance do you bring to the relationship?
  • Prospects care only about themselves (WIIFM what’s in it for me)
  • Prospects come with pre-determined ideas; demonstrate how your products and services will improve their present condition.
  • Emphasize your products or services as an investment.
  • Convince not only the decision-maker but anyone else that may influence that decision.
  • Don’t forget your clients after the sale (stay in touch with them.)
  • Your best customers are someone else’s best prospects


Continue to upgrade your credentials

To stay competitive and ahead, continue to upgrade your credentials. This helps build credibility. The more credentials you have, the better of an asset you are to your clients.

Share your knowledge

Know your targeted industries thoroughly; be willing to share that knowledge.  Expanding your knowledge among your target markets, enhance your education, increase your credibility, and trust, you will eventually convert prospects, customers, and clients into raving fans and sources of referrals.

We offer a special course for insurance agents called “Navigating Through the Sales Process”  which will help you grow your business.  Check out our course at


Determine your Target Market

July 07, 2017 / Category: Business, Target Market

“Jack of All Trade Master of None”

As an entrepreneur or small business you must determine your target audience. Once you come up with a product or service, not everybody is going to want it.

First: Define what benefits your products or services will bring to a target audience. Obviously, selling winter apparel in Florida is a sure recipe for disaster. Selling boat insurance to Floridians would provide more benefit.

Second: How your products or services bring value?, how do they help your target audience resolve their problems and challenges?. Keep your focus on the customer needs, rather than on being successful. In finance it’s called Fiduciary Responsibility, the customer benefits comes first.

Third: LISTEN, it means: be SILENT. Listen to what your client has to say, and keep detailed notes. You want to be able to go back to your client with no misunderstanding, and knowing that his needs are well understood.

Fourth: How do you compare yourself to your competition?. What make you stand out?. Every client perceives value differently. Find out what values your client are looking for. Some clients frequent face to face meetings, while others prefer electronic communications. Some clients value civic involvement, while others value social events.

Five: Turn the IMPOSSIBLE into I AM POSSIBLE. Always look into making it happen for the clients. Clients count on you to lower their expenses, increase their Return on Investment (ROI), and increase their income. Be a source of innovations energy to your clients. Don’t be scare to come up with suggestions, even of the cuff. It may work.

If we can assist in any way, do reach out – we are always here. We look forward to speaking with you on how we can help you make your business grow!


When Should I Make Calls?

July 07, 2017 / Category: Business

As the NIKE slogan goes “Just Do It”

There is an investment strategy called Dollar-Cost- Averaging. This Investment strategy suggests buying a fixed dollar amount of investment at a scheduled date regardless of the share price, and doing it continuously.

The same strategy should be used when making prospecting calls. Choose a day of the week, a specific time of the day, block that time (1 to 2 hours) and just to make prospecting calls.

If you make 40 calls per day, for five days, that’s 200 calls per week. If you call for 48 weeks in the year, you will have made 9,600 calls per year. Assuming that you closing ratio is 2% (which happens to be a very conservative number), you will have earned 192 more clients per year.

You may not start with 40 calls per day; you may only make 20 calls per day, but at least you started. As the days become weeks, and weeks become months you become more skilled and comfortable on the phone, and your appointment settings will increase as well as your closing ratio.

If you are too busy, unable, or unwilling, to prospect daily we can help you achieve these numbers by working with you on letter / email campaigns and follow-up with phone calls. We have the calling experience, and comfort level on the phone. We are here to help you become successful.

If we can assist in any way, do reach out – we are always here. We look forward to speaking with you on how we can help you make your business grow!


Keeping your Prospects Pipeline Full

June 30, 2017 / Category: Business, Target Market

Successful people keep their prospecting pipelines continuously and constantly full. Once you stop prospecting, your volume of appointments will begin to decrease with time. Once you are out of prospects or people to meet, which will take Between 2 to 4 months until you will notice your pipeline to be critically low or empty. Your income will have dwindled, you’ll become desperate. This will show in your voice, behavior, and attitude. You will become irritated, blame others, be frustrated, and create unreasonable expectations for yourself and others.


We can help you!

  1. Recognized the issue
  2. Get back into prospecting (like horseback riding, if you fall from the horse, you must getback on the saddle immediately).
  3. Recommit yourself to prospecting, block of time every day to call, set up letters and emails campaigns, with a follow-up date to call those people back.

There is no secret, no magic bullet, no “easy button”, being persistent and prospecting daily is what will get you more appointments.

If you are too busy, unable, or unwilling, to prospect daily we can help you fill your pipeline by working with you on letter and email campaigns and follow-up with phone calls. We have the calling experience, and comfort level on the phone. We are here to help you become successful.

We are a local marketing company located in Pompano Beach. We are dedicated to your success. You succeed we succeed, that is straightforward and very simple. We only work in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties. We work with large institutions, medium size businesses, and small companies. We also work with non-profit organizations, and civic institutions. We look forward to speaking with you on how we can help you make your business grow!