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Broadcast Your Products & Services Benefits

December 30, 2019 / Category: Insurance Agents


Benefit: Desirable outcome or result that provides an advantage FOR OTHERS.

Noun: Something that promotes or enhances well-being; a benefit.

Insurance agents must uncover and understand prospects’ concerns, answer the objections so as to transfer them to transition statements.

The following points represent your answer to your prospect when you are told: “I don’t need to protect myself.” ” My employee is going nowhere, he/she has been with me for years.” “Why should I need this for anyway?”, and so on.  There are more responses of course.

Insurance Covering your Key employee:

Cost: Insurance is an expense that works against profit objectives.

Benefits of key person insurance to you:

  1. It gives you peace of mind that your employee is not looking to defect.
  2. Retains the employee so he/she does not look somewhere else.
  3. From the employees’ point of view: Peace of mind that his/her family is protected in case of a catastrophe.
  4. Your business continues to move forward while looking for a replacement.

Intangible benefits are “feel good, satisfactions, emotional benefits.

Show your prospects how tangible and intangible benefits will impact their bottom line.

Remember to become a trusted advisor is to find out: What‘s in it for your prospects!!!