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Benefit/Value Sales Training

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What Kaily Connect Benefit/Value Sales Training Covers

role words trust

Role, Words, and Trust

Learn to build trust using your role and words

  • Select the right words to use
  • Learn to speak the right way
  • Learn to ask the right questions
  • Learn to build business relationships
4 stages of closing a sale

4 Stages of Closing a Sale

Learn the skills to gather information by asking questions

  • Learn how to gather information.
  • Learn how to respond to information.
  • Learn how to deliver a solution.
  • Learn how to close the sale.
benefits of your product or service

Pointing out the Benefits

Learn to solve your prospect’s concerns with compelling benefit statements.

  • Features tell, but Benefits sell
  • Emphasize Benefit selling
  • Sell Benefits not price
  • Become a Problem Solver
  • Sell a Solution
  • Different types of benefits
  • Tangible and Intangibles
painting with words

Painting With Words

Create a picture using vivid words to engage the 5 senses and strike an emotional cord.

  • Learn and perfect  your  ability to use words the way an artist uses the color, to reflects the prospect’s style.
  • Learn to use vivid words that engage a prospect’s 5 sensory elements to strike an emotional chord for maximum impact.


Influence your prospect through expressive story telling (selling).

  • Learn to connect with your prospect through engaging stories.
  • Learn to share similar concerns, benefits and solutions in story form.
  • Learn to tap into your prospects imagination and visualization.
listening skills

Listening Skills

Master the art of listening and identifying a prospect’s true concerns.

  • Learn why active Listening is the foundation of a successful selling.
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition by becoming a good listener.
  • Learn to ask thoughtful and comprehensive questions to demonstrate an understanding of your prospect’s fundamental concerns.
  • The more you listen to your prospect, the more likely your prospect will listen to you.
asking questions

Asking Questions

Master the art of gathering information

  • Learn how to ask, what to ask, and how to formulate the questions to allow the prospect to talk.
  • Learn to use sales questions to understand the needs of your prospect.
  • Learn to use this information to express and  solve the problem to close the sale.
overcoming objections

Overcoming Objections

Develop ways to avoid (or) overcome objections

  • Learn to prevent objections in the first place.
  • Learn to answer objections  effectively.

Transfering Self-Confidence

Build self-confidence, and transfer your positive energy.

  • Learn to develop trust.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude toward yourself before, during, and after the sale.
  • Learn to convey excitement and passion toward your product or services.
  • Believe in yourself. IMPOSSIBLE does not exist in your vocabulary.
5 sensory elements

5 Sensory Elements

Appeal to all 5 sensory elements in selling

  • Metaphors are prevalent in our daily lives, and can be seen in many languages throughout the world.
  • Successful salespeople will provoke all 5 sensory elements, sight, sound, smell, touch and taste in the prospect.
closing skills

Closing Skills

  • Refining closing techniques.
  • Develop a systematic process for closing sales.
Assessing your territories

Assess Your Territories

  • Weekly activities to achieve your weekly, monthly, and annual targets.
  • Prioritize when and where you are going.
  • Identify the Hierarchy to the Decision Maker.


Sales Workshop


benefit/value sales training course

Sales Workshop

We provide a sales workshop and hands on training to help out your sales team close more sales. Skills are acquired by coaching, learning, and practicing different concepts.  This is done by implementing daily face to face, hands-on practice session before and after business hours.


B2B Lead Gen

Kaily Connect concentrates on B2B lead generation and engaging your potential customer. Through a marketing process of emails, letters, follow up phone calls, and direct mailing, we get your brand in front of your target market and book appointments for you. We generate and qualify more leads to help you get more appointments and close more sales.

agent recruitment

Agent Recruitment

We identify potential agents based on your specific criteria. We have the tools and methods to help you recruit more quality agents that will help support and grow your  business.

Web Design & SEO

Website/SEO Services

Kaily Connect offers additional support services to our clients. We can help you with a professional website, SEO, and Marketing services to help you grow your business using best online practices.  Ask us about our cost-effective support services.


The Power of Positive Prospecting

What separates us from the competition?

Our goal is to provide you superior value at an affordable price.  We look to provide a superior and effective coaching that will enhance your relationship with your prospects. We believe that in-person training and coaching is a lot more effective.  We know it’s time-consuming but that is what going the extra mile means to us.

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