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The idea for Kaily Connect began over 25 years ago when the primary founder, Marc Lewison, was working in the insurance industry. He learned first-hand that prospecting calls and setting appointments were crucial elements for success. Then, while working in the financial industry and later on in the religious art industry, Marc realized that success is easily hampered by to constant interruptions and lack of structure. Marc set out to create a solution.

Three years ago, Marc started Kaily Connect to bring a B2B marketing solution to small, medium and large organizations. Kaily Connect provides the workforce and technology necessary to handle mundane and repetitive chores such as lead generation, lead validation, letter and email campaigns, followed by telephone and appointment setting to make sales prospecting more productive.

Our team works closely with our clients on their direct marketing campaigns, creating cards, brochures, and mass mailings for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, attorneys, accountants, beauty salons, mechanics, retail stores, and non-profit organizations, etc.

Kaily Connect offers businesses a full spectrum of marketing, branding and ways to generate leads, cultivate those leads and keep the marketing funnel full of prospects.

What separates us from the competition?

We are Business to Business (B2B) lead generation specialists with a major emphasis on “results based” marketing and customer engagement.

We Focus on B2B

Kaily Connect concentrates on B2B lead generation and engaging your potential customer. Through a marketing process of emails, letters, follow up phone calls, and direct mailing, we get your brand in front of your target market and book appointments for you. The more leads we generate and qualify for you, the more opportunities we create to get your brand in front of prospects and increase the number of appointments you get to close sales.

Experience, Local Reach & Customized Service.

Experience – We have perfected these solutions in our business.
Local Reach – We concentrate in the South Florida markets of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. We have lived and worked in these counties for the last 30 years developing relationships, and have a keen understanding of the south Florida culture and business environment.

Customized Service – We strive to become of great value to our customers. Our dedicated team puts in the hours to accurately validate the extensive lists that make up our database of leads. We regularly meet with our clients face to face, and our clients are always welcome in our Pompano Beach office.

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