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Welcome to Kaily Connect

It is a luxury to be able to focus on what you do best without external interferences. Small and medium size business owners spend so much time on external distractions that they neglect to do focus on what they need the most: prospecting for new clients, and upselling to existing clients.

By delegating the mundane and repetitive tasks to us, you will become more productive.

Marketing studies show that people do business with people they like or know. Studies also mention that in order to be able to set a preliminary appointment, potential customers need to be contacted at a minimum of six times. That is where we at Kaily Connect set ourselves apart from the competition.

What can Kaily Connect do for your business?

Identify the Target Market

We start with the list. If you do not have a list, we will provide one based on your exact criteria. Kaily Connect has access to over 200,000 verified Florida leads & 20 million nationwide. Our master list is constantly growing.

Connect with the Targeted Market

We work with you to create custom campaigns using letters, postcards, emails, and internet opportunities. These campaigns create awareness about you, your products, and your company without being intrusive.

Engage with the Targeted Market

With your input, we create custom scripts unique to your company that enhances your strategy,

Setting up Appointments

Our goal is to get you in front of as many appointments and potential clients as possible. We become an extension of your sales and marketing team.


The Power of Online Sales Training


Outbound Calling

FREE initial consultation to determine your marketing and branding needs.

List Building

We have access to over 300,000 Florida commercial and 20 million nationwide leads. We help you build only valuable business relationships.

We will provide you the first 25 commercial leads absolutely free.

Mailing & Design Services

Graphic design for postcards or other items (business cards, brochures, and so on). identify zip codes/target areas to send your marketing pieces

Training Services

Kaily Connect Academy offers you personalized computer based training empowering you to study at your own pace, access information at a time that is convenient for you, outside a classroom environment.


The Power of Positive Prospecting

What separates us from the competition?

We are Business to Business (B2B) lead generation specialists with a major emphasis on “results based” marketing and customer engagement.

We Focus on B2B

Kaily Connect concentrates on B2B lead generation and engaging your potential customer. Through a marketing process of emails, letters, follow up phone calls, and direct mailing, we get your brand in front of your target market and book appointments for you. The more leads we generate and qualify for you, the more opportunities we create to get your brand in front of prospects and increase the number of appointments you get to close sales.

We Are a Small Business

We are located in Pompano Beach, Florida. With a dedicated team, we work with small to medium size companies located in South Florida.


Our process is to take the time consuming tasks of research, list building, list scrubbing, creating email content, writing letter, designing & mailing targeted EDDM marketing pieces and all the other branding and marketing activities crucial to keeping you in front of your target market and keeping your pipeline of qualified leads full. We are the powerful force of continuous networking and marketing that will result in more appointments for you to go in and close more sales.


               Find new customers & grow your business

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